Hello, I am Lesley, a qualified therapist.  I plan to help you to make your own choices and enable you to empower yourself

to live your life amongst people.

There are many reasons people seek out the help of a therapist and it isn't always because they have been diagnosed

with some kind of disorder.  Anyone can struggle in a relationship, whether it is with work, family, friend or personal.

There are those who have stress or anger issues, if they are left they just get worse.  I will help you to adjust your

life to cope with such issues.

In the breakdown of communities, much of the close bonds and learning by example has gone.  In its place we are left

with attitudes and people telling others what they should be thinking - right and wrong.

The internet has provided people with a way to hide behind a computer screen, saying what they feel they should

be allowed to say and not thinking about other peoples feeling.  On the other hand many genuinely care for the person

they communicate with on the other side of the computer, but lack the skills to carry on the conversation face to face.


I will provide a package which is tailor made just for you, it won't be the same as anyone else's.  There may well be

exercises to be completed and you may also be pushing yourself futher than you have gone before.  The reason for this is

to allow you to see the progression you are making and everything will be focused soley on you and we will go at your pace.

I won't be judging you, however I demand complete honesty from you.  You need to be honest with yourself to move forward.  

I am not a friend or a relative, so you don't have to watch what you say and everything is in complete confidence.


Contact me, I will be happy to hear from you.






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