Anger is a common response in all of us, triggered by our emotions.  Most people in their lives have felt anger to  some degree. It is meant to provide us with an energy charge when we need protection or healing.  It is the flight or  fight response or if we have been badly hurt, it dulls the initial pain.

 Today 'anger' is often missused. It is a word now used to deal with frustration, excessive negative arousal's, highly  charged emotions, rage and fear.  It can be the resulted build up of being termed 'soft' for many years and having  people use or abuse you; then one day you snap!

 Has your anger became excessive for a long period of time?  Is each bout worse than the time before?  Do you say or  do hurtful things without thinking?  Do you hold on to negative words or actions then vent your hurt feelings onto  someone else? Is the emotion becoming more frequent?

 My goal is to teach you to react to these emotions with less rage.  To learn when true anger is beneficial to you and  how to deal with the situation.  I will enable you to have the strength to express your emotions appropriately.  You  will begin to understand what you are feeling, the situation around it and how to handle it.

 The keyword throughout is honesty.  You have to be honest with yourself and recognise the patterns you have shown.  Then comes acceptance of your actions.  Finally, you will be able to put into place a new set of values in dealing with  situations as they arise.

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