We all see and live life through slightly different perspectives.  Because of this our understanding of our lives is based

around our belief system.

My goal as a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist or C.B.T. is to:

C.B.T. stands for:

C = cognition; the way we understand.

B = behaviour; the way we act and behave.

T = therapy; used for changing our understanding and behaviour for the better.

As a qualified therapist, I will help you to develop thinking and behaviour patterns that work for you.  This will empower

you to live through your more positive changes.

Inappropriate beliefs may well be our built in defense mechanisms that could well have helped us at the time, but now

may need adjustments.  Imbalances in our lives cause unhappiness.

C.B.T. can be used to help you within such issues as:

  1. Phobias.
  2. O.C.D.
  3. Relationship Issues.
  4. Depression and Anxiety.
  5. General emotional issues.
  6. Breaking bad habits - weightloss or stop smoking.

By the use of C.B.T., I will be providng you with a number of exercises and self assessment tasks.  These can be tailor made

to suit you as an individual.

Your therapy can be achieved as one to one, by email, postal service or by use of the telephone.  This allows

people from all walks of life the chance to gain control and change negatives into positives.





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