Colour is all around us and has a profound affect on us, this includes our moods, pains, actions and well-being.

For many years people have gave 7 points of the chakra certain colours and combine it with the Reiki.


Everything vibrates at it's own frequency and the vibration also has it's own colour spectrum

All around us are Solids, Liquids, Gases, Light, Psychic Forces and Spirit and all affect our bodies.


Gemstones and Crystals are formed within the earth, where the extremely hot molten magma, boils and bubbles

and in the process produces the many forms of crystals.  The energy is locked inside the crystal and this

allows us to use them to help heal our bodies.  Crystals come in many colours, shapes and forms.


Expriments have been conducted in a secure psychiatiric unit in California and it brought out fairly

conclusive proof of the effects of colour on patients.  With pink being the most claming.

Visually handicapped patients were also experimented on and it was found they could feel the colours

they were exposed to.

The experiments allowed the researchers to understand the vibrational value of colour and healing.


Having just one colour treatment can encourage the self-healing processes of the mind.  It can

result in the release of endorphons, which are the brains natural painkillers, allowing the body to

deal with pain, dis-ease and inflammation



Our spine is the Axis of our body, everything hangs from the spine.  If we didn't have a spine we would be

 on the ground, most probably pulling ourselves along.  That is why chakra is centred around the spine

in many practices today.


The Aura is an energy field around us.  It is not static and can change even with our passing thoughts and

will be reflected as colours.  The scientific community have acknowledged the aura, so it does not

only belong to those people with psychic abilities.


The first level physical aura can often be seen as white or shades of grey, depending on how a person is feeling.  

It is easily seen by anyone who trains their eyes.  It is within this field that I am able to help people.


The aura is in fact a magnetic field and I am a person with highly charged electrogmagnetic energy, which

allows me to be able to pass on healing to another.  This can be in person or even by distance.  

The patient who receives the treatment can be fully clothed as the aura extends beyond clothing.  

By including the appropriate colour within the treatment, it will help improve what-ever is upseting

your harmonic balance.


The aura will remain with a persons body even after death.  The main part of the aura will rise up from

the persons feet and leave from the top of their head.  Some aura will remain behind as the body goes through

different stages after death.


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