We are bombarded with advertising promising our lives with be so much happier, brighter and contented if we only buy and do as they tell us.

Technologies to make life easier and less dull fill the space around us.

But, what happens for the many who are not living the advertisers promise?

You begin to feel alone in your sadness or anxiety, whilst all aroud you, the world keeps moving on, passing you by. One day you may wake up and ask:

Where has my laughter gone?

Why am I so tired, yet I can't sleep?

I eat very little yet I have indigestion!

I've paced the floor so much I'm wearing out the carpet!

Depression and anxiety can hit you in so many different ways, it affects your:

I would like to help you to take action against your depression or anxiety.  I will do this by changing:

  1.  the perception and behaviour that is holding you hostage.  
  2. the way you see things and the way you think.
  3. the way depression or anxiety is causing you to act and behave.

Together we will join forces and bring relief from this monster that is holding you back.

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