Through the use of Life Coaching, people are able to identify and achieve their personal goals in life.  Using a variety  of techniques I will show you how to change or improve your interpersonal relationships to help you to achieve your  goal. As a coach I will start you on a journey of discovery to make lifetime changes.  I will advise you, coax  you, help you to reach your goals and sometimes stretch you.

 I will help you build on your self-esteem which will be more enhanced during the life-coaching journey, you will enjoy  the benefits of not having to rely  on another persons opinion to justify how you feel.  You will be encouraged to  express your own thoughts and feelings  more clearly.  As you will not feel you have to defend yourself, you will be  able to see yourself as you truly are; awesome!

 Words are vehicles, they move along, sometimes bypassing the actual meaning, being ignored or misunderstood.  I  will assist you in becoming sensitive to the speaker and their meaning.  In turn you will be able to actively participate  in the process of thinking with people.  This brings about affective communication underlying the importance of  respect for another's thoughts, but not necessarily being in full agreement.

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