Please read the terms and conditions before sending any payments.

                                                                         One to one session     40                                                                          

Email therapy            30

Telephone therapy    30

As in most cases it will take more than one session a discount will be given for multiple bookings.



The amount in full is to be paid before the service to be provided.  All correspondence will be entered into through the email service.

Under Consumer Protecting Regulations, you have the right to cancel your order within seven working days.  You must inform me of your wish to cancel in writing, this can be done by email.  

You agree that I will not to be held responsible to events that are out of my control.  Including the Internet Service provided, malfunction of computing/telephone equipment or an Act of God.

 You agree that there is no guarantee or warranty to the effectiveness of Therapeutic Remedy in all cases.  I agree to work to the best of my ability for every client. 

You agree that I am not a 'cure' for your condition and as such I have no medical professional training.  Should you be on any medication from a qualified professional then you will not discontinue your course of medication without contacting your medical professional.

 You agree that either of us may terminate the service at any given time with notification.

 You agree to submit accurate and truthful information as fully as possible, without omitting significant information within all forms of therapy.

 You agree that I shall not disclose any information exchanged unless it is deemed there is a risk to either yourself or another.  This will be discussed at the time. 

 You agree that there is no guarantee or warranty to the effectiveness of the therapeutic sessions in all cases.  I agree to work to the best of my ability for every client.  I agree to refer a case should I feel it will be within the best interest for the client.

 I will endeavour to amend any misleading or inaccurate information at my discretion.





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